"Children are a gift from the Lord..." Ps. 127:3

Monday, November 15, 2010

A Day with Mimi & Popi

Saturday, we spent most of the day at Mimi and Popi's house. Mommy got to go out by herself and do some Christmas shopping. She was really excited...maybe a little too excited.:) But we had so much fun with Mimi and Popi. They have a swing in their front yard and we don't have one at home yet, so we got to swing a lot. This first picture is an action shot of Mimi pushing Caleb.

Popi and I were having a very serious conversation. I think we were talking about politics.

Oh the goofy things Mimi will do to make us laugh for a picture. :)

After our day, we met Mommy at Aunt Linda's for Girl's Movie Night. We, of course, are not girls but they let us come because we are so cute and entertaining. They watched a really silly girl movie the we and Emily thought was really cheesy. Mommy loved it...we think she even cried. She's so silly.

This is Beth sharing her fettuccine with me. Don't tell Mommy.

Telling Mommy about our day.

This is one of my favorite toys right now. I'm working on getting the whole caterpillar in my mouth. It tastes like chicken.

Here I am sitting up!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Cracker Barrel & Crazy Hair

This week, we met Aunt Jessica and Jonah at Cracker Barrel. We had so much fun! We were very good for Mommy. We loved getting to see our cousin Jonah. He is so sweet to us. He is a really good cousin and is going to be a very good big brother.

I woke up with crazy hair one morning. I loved it! It stuck up all day. Mommy said it was SUPER cute, but she tells me that everyday.

Mommy and Jack

Mommy and Caleb

This is me sitting up all by myself! I sat up for 2 whole minutes, even with Jack kicking me. Mommy will try to get some video later. She was so excited!

While Mommy had her back turned, we started to wrestle. I had Caleb pinned down right before she caught us.

"Nothing to see here, Mommy."

Mommy took this picture because I was playing like a good boy and then Carrie Underwood came on T.V. and I stopped to watch.

We like to talk in the morning while Mommy fixes our bottles.

Mommy bought us a new ball. Here we are playing catch.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

New & Exciting

Mommy and Daddy bought us this new toy. It's so fun! We can bounce in it and it plays music.

This is the look I use whenever I see a cute girl pass by. Daddy taught me. It worked on Mommy.

I'm sticking my tongue out a lot these days. I did when I was first born, but stopped for a long time. But I like the way it feels, so I've started again. (Mommy promises she flipped this picture when she put it on the computer. She doesn't know why it flipped back. As we've told you before, she's doesn't know much about computers, but we love her anyways.)

This is my new trick. I love to just lay on the floor with my booty in the air. It makes me feel free. And it helps Mommy when she's changing my diaper. I haven't quite gotten my feet in my mouth yet but I'm trying!

Mommy was so excited when I got up on my knees. I'm thinkin' about crawling but I just haven't quite figured it out yet.

Mommy came in after my nap with the camera. She scared me a little.