"Children are a gift from the Lord..." Ps. 127:3

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Tom & Jerry

One day last week we had given Mom a pretty hard time during the day. We were really cranky...who knows why! Sometimes we can't explain it. So she turned on this show called Tom & Jerry (Daddy really liked this show when he was little), and let us watch it for a little while. It was so cool! We really liked watching that crazy cat and mouse run around! We got really excited and moved around a lot in our chairs, kicking our legs. We hope she lets us watch it again soon. Maybe we should be really cranky again. :)

Mom let us wear these hats when we went for a walk one night. We're not sure what we think about them yet, but aren't we cute?

Look what we can do now! We are holding on to things and putting them in our mouths. We're still getting the hang of it but we get better everyday.

We really don't need Mom to keep us busy as much as we used to. We think she's glad because she has more time to get things done around the house. When we were little, we didn't like these chairs one bit, but now we think they're really fun!

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Caleb and Jack Take Over

Mom decided today that since we are 3 months old now, it's time for us to take over our blog. So here we are! We're getting really big. Mom says we are more cute every day. We found our hands this month and we love to chew on them. We are also really good at holding our heads up all on our own. Mommy puts us on our tummies every day to help us practice for when we decide to push ourselves up. Sometimes we like it and other times we really don't like it. We let her know by crying and smashing our faces into the ground so she thinks we can't breath. She picks us up really fast when we do that. :) Mom keeps putting this thing in front of her face and flashing a bright light in our faces. She calls it a camera. Whatever it is, we don't like it and most of the time, we won't smile when she uses it. It's hard for her to catch us doing anything cute because we stop whenever she puts that weird thing in front of her face. She's hoping we get used to it soon.

This is us trying out our new chairs. We really like them. They help us sit up on our own just like big boys.

Mommy had a really sweet student last year in her class at Rockvale that made us these cute blankets. She even put our names on them!

Bath time is our favorite time of day! We could sit in there forever. We like when Mommy rinses our hair. It feels so good when she pours the water over our heads.

Mommy let us swing in the hammock one night. It was sooo relaxing. We can't wait until it gets cooler and we can spend more time outside.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Playing Superman

These are a few pictures that Mimi took last time she was at the house. Caleb is pretty cooperative when you want to take pictures so there are a lot more of him. Jack hates to have his picture taken. I wonder where he got that from? :)

I found these shorts at Carter's and was so excited because 34 was my basketball number in high school. Kyle says it's also Kirby Puckett's number. Who knew? :)

Sometimes we get cold feet so we get to wear our cute socks!

Playing Superman on Mommy's legs. (Super Jack)

Super Caleb

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Just a Few Pictures

Jack feels like he can really relax and be himself around Mimi.

Falling asleep during tummy time.

I had put off cutting the boys nails because....well, I hate cutting their nails. It scares me. But after I went to get Jack in the morning and he looked like this, I cut them right away.

Dressing like Daddy

Chillin' with Uncle Allen

Caiden turned 2!

"I have to eat mashed up green beans...

and Daddy gets to eat a chocolate cupcake?"

Aunt Linda, Katie, and Hannah came to play with us today!