"Children are a gift from the Lord..." Ps. 127:3

Monday, May 30, 2011

Birthday at Toot's

Everyone at Toot's sang Happy Birthday to us!

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Our Birthday

On May 21st, we turned 1! It was a busy week for us. Our Papa, Grandma, Auntie Kim, and cousins Malia and Kianna all came from Minnesota to celebrate with us. On Saturday, on our real birthday, we opened a few presents and had dinner at Toot's. Mimi and Popi met us there.

This was our first time in our new forward facing seats. We rode in them on the way to dinner. We weren't sure what to think about them at first, but we really like them now. They're super comfy.

Doing a little reading while we waited for our food.

Mommy and Daddy gave us birthday cupcakes with lots of icing for dessert. Yummy!

Cousin Malia

On Sunday, we had our party at Hilltop Park in Smyrna. All our family and friends were there to celebrate with us. We had a blast!

Mimi, Popi, and Auntie Meagan came to help Mommy set up for the party.

Our cupcake tower

Uncle Eric, Uncle Ethan, and Katherine coming to party with us.

Mommy made these shirts for us to wear

Aunt Linda helping me walk.


"I'm ONE!!!"

Tiffany, Aunt Scarlett, and Jack

Popi and Jonah

Emily, Katherine, and Jessica

Bethany and our friend Peyton


Caiden and Cari

This was Grandma and Papa's last day. It was hard to say goodbye.

This is Kianna stretching out on the floor for a little bit.

Malia reading to us

Auntie Kim took a lot of pictures while she was here. :) I was giving her a big smile.