"Children are a gift from the Lord..." Ps. 127:3

Friday, January 27, 2012

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Uncle E is engaged!

Last night Uncle E asked Katherine to marry him! She said yes! We are so happy for them and are very glad that she will be our Aunt Katherine. We knew she was a keeper a long time ago! :) We love you guys!

Christmas 2011

We hope everyone had a great Christmas! We have been so busy playing with all our new toys that we haven't had time to post all our pictures. Here are just a few. We uploaded all of them and then noticed that they were all mixed up. Mommy tried to help fix them, but some are still in the wrong spots. Sorry about that! Hope you enjoy!
Playing with our new basketball goal
The only way we could fit everything in our car to get home!
Christmas Morning - We got our very own Woody's from Toy Story
Grandma and Papa gave us these awesome dump trucks. Daddy had one just like them when he was little.
This is from Christmas Eve (out of order)
More Christmas morning - Nemo!
Christmas Eve
"Uncle Kevin, these are our toys!"
Christmas Dinner
We went to the Aquarium at the Mall of America. It was really cool! We saw lots of fish that looked like Nemo and Dori!
Playing in the snow
Back to pictures from the Aquarium. :)
That's our new friend Tristan and his mommy, Mrs. Jenny
Those stingrays looked just like Mr. Ray from Finding Nemo!
All bundled up!
Watching the snow with Grandma and Papa
Elly reading to us while we take a bath
After we got home to Tennesse, we had another Christmas at Mimi and Popi's! They gave us BIG TRUCKS!
Jonah got a really cool easel!
"I love it!"
Mimi and Popi gave us Elmo!
Helping Jonzi open his present.
We gave Eve a Raggedy Ann Doll. She liked it.