"Children are a gift from the Lord..." Ps. 127:3

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Christmas 2012

Christmas this year was filled with a lot of fun and family traditions. Mimi, Aunt Lisa, and Aunt Linda helped Mommy collect a different Christmas book for every day in December. We opened one before bed every night.

We baked Christmas cookies with Mommy. It was hard to wait for them to be done!

Aunt Linda invited us over one day to decorate cookies at her house. Stevie, Jonah, Eve, Sofia, Caiden, and Connor were there. It was crazy and fun!

Hannie was there to help.

We loved playing with all of Caiden's trucks!

Evie loved Aunt Linda's snowmen!

Sweet Sofia

Jack as Iron Man
Grandma and Papa sent us a package one day.

We pretended it was snow and we were in MN with them

Here we are making cookies again with Mommy on another day. It didn't go quite as she had planned....

...here we are patting out the dough...

...and we got a few cookies cut out before we asked Mommy for a few cars to play in the flour...

...and we had so much fun in the "snow" that it kept us busy for over an hour. Mommy said the huge mess was totally worth it.

On the Sunday before Christmas, we had our family Christmas at Mimi and Popi's. We needed naps after church so we could be ready to party.

We all went to Outback for dinner. It was an adventure!

 Then we came back to open presents. 

Opening our Dr. kits. We love giving Mommy and Daddy check ups and a diagnosis just like Doc McStuffins.

The last present was for everyone but we (the grandkids) got to open it. It was a box full of balloons and Mickey Mouse shirts. Mimi and Popi told us they are taking all of us to Disney World in September!! We are so excited!

Backpacks from Mimi and Popi

On Christmas Eve, it was time for us to open presents with Mommy and Daddy

Hunting toys

These were new tracks from The  Meyers

New Big Rigs!

Daddy setting up (aka. playing with) our hunting toys.

This is our Advent Calendar that Auntie Kim, Malia, and Kianna gave us. This was the last night, so we put Baby Jesus in the manger.

Opening up our last books

Our stockings were full on Christmas morning!

Christmas morning at Nani and Gumpy's

We read the Christmas story and sang songs

Taking a lunch break at Mimi and Popi's before the next stop!

Christmas night at Aunt Lisa and Uncle Mike's!

It was a great Christmas season! Can't wait until next year!