"Children are a gift from the Lord..." Ps. 127:3

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Monday, April 25, 2011

Our First Easter

The Easter Bunny came to our house this weekend! He left us baskets with sunglasses, candy (Mommy and Daddy ate it), dinosaurs, and yogurt melts (our favorite). We also got a monkey that blows bubbles out of his mouth!

We look just like Daddy in our sunglasses. We like them but it's hard to leave them on.

These are our new shirts we wore to church.

Playing with Caiden and Jonah.

Eating dessert with Uncle E

Mimi will give me anything if I smile at her and give her some love.


Friday, April 22, 2011

11 Months

Yesterday we turned 11 months old! Only one more month until our very first birthday! We're getting really excited. Mommy and Daddy tell us that a first birthday party is a big deal. We can't wait!
We are really into cars or anything with wheels. We push everything we can to help us walk around. We haven't walked by ourselves yet, but Mommy and Daddy think we are very close. We love to dance, and Jack can't sit still if there is music playing. We both are very good at playing by ourselves, but Jack likes to be close to Mommy and Daddy as much as he can and Caleb likes to play by himself. Caleb is learning how to take up for himself and hold onto his toys since Jack wants to play with whatever Caleb is playing with. Our favorite foods are still cheese and bananas, but Mommy is trying her best to get us to try other things. Caleb likes turkey and corn and Jack likes green beans and pasta. We both like all forms of cookies, crackers, and anything sweet. We don't know why Mommy just won't let us live on graham crackers and Goldfish.

This is our new friend Miles. His Daddy and our Mommy and Uncle Allen were good friends when they were young. It was fun to play with all of his toys. He liked us but I think we scared him a little. We really wanted his snack even though we had a snack of our own.

Our train broke down, so we had to work on it for awhile.

I tricked Mommy when she came to get me from my morning nap. She said, "Where is your shirt!" She laughed pretty hard. :)

We got to take a bath in Mommy and Daddy's tub this week! There is much more room to play!

"Mommy, you're too close!"

Handsome boys ready for church.

"What up!?!"

Sword fighting

Aunt Lisa and Aunt Linda came and played with us last weekend. They brought us Caiden's slide! We love it!


Thursday, April 14, 2011

The Zoo

Yesterday Daddy and Mommy took us to the zoo. Bethany and Caiden met us there. Caiden has been to the zoo before so he was our tour guide. We saw so many animals that we had never seen before! It was great! Daddy bought us a pass so we can go whenever we want to this summer. We can't wait to go back.


Happy Birthday, Grandma!

Yesterday was our Grandma's birthday. We don't get to see her as much as we want to because she lives far away in Minnesota. But we wanted to wish her a happy birthday. She (and Papa) gave us these Minnesota Twins clothes. It was 90 degrees outside one day last week so Mommy let us wear them. They fit great! We look so cool.
HAPPY BIRTHDAY, GRANDMA! We love you and can't wait to see you next month!

Mimi's Knee Surgery

Mimi had surgery on her knee last week. We went to visit her to cheer her up. She's doing really well!

While we were there, Memaw came over and brought us this really cool train! We love it. It makes all kinds of fun noises and you can ride it or push it. We took it home and Mommy pushes us outside in the driveway. It's hard for one of us to wait while the other is getting a turn but we have a really good time.