"Children are a gift from the Lord..." Ps. 127:3

Monday, February 15, 2010

My Rock

Kyle...my husband, my support, my rock. This year has not been the easiest year for the two of us. We realize that many couples try for so much longer than we had to, but our experience was pretty heartbreaking. Month after month of disappointment, not knowing what was wrong. Every time he was there. Every time he held me and told me that he loved me. And he told me that, no matter what, we would make it through. And then it was there. That little word we had waited for for so long..."pregnant". Again, he held me and let me cry, this time out of pure joy. He had known all along, had told me that this was it, even before we had taken the test.
He pushes me to be a better person. He challenges me in ways I've never been challenged before. He is my match. My partner. He respects my opinion and makes me feel important. We face life and its challenges together, holding hands the whole way. He makes me laugh until my sides hurt and tears are in my eyes.
Sometimes I can't believe that we get to spend the rest of our lives together, raising these miracles that God has given us. I can't wait for this adventure to start. I can't wait to meet our children. What do they look like? What will their personalities be like? Will they look the same or totally different? This time is going so fast, yet some days it seems to be crawling by.
I can not wait to watch Kyle be a father. I already know he will be amazing. He will continue to be the rock, the head of this family, keeping us all together...just as he keeps me calm and together everyday.

"I'm lost as can be,
then you look at me,
and I am not lost anymore."

Monday, February 8, 2010

Jonah and The Belly

Last weekend I celebrated my birthday with my family. We had a great time! We had dinner and dessert, pasta and cheesecake, my favorite. :)
This is a picture of Jonah and The Belly at 23 weeks. Jonah will be such a wonderful cousin. This little guy has been such a blessing to our family. I love spending time with him. He has such a sweet, happy personality. Each minute with him makes me more and more excited about having my own sweet babies.
Kyle and I registered at Babies R Us last weekend. We found most of what we needed but I am still a little discouraged by not having very many clothes to choose from. There are not a lot of neutral clothing choices these days. I finally cracked at Old Navy yesterday and bought a set of two boy sleepers and two girl sleepers. They were so cute! There is no harm in buying boy things and girl things if you save the receipts, right? :)
I am feeling great! The babies are kicking more and more and letting me know that they're growing (my stomach certainly is!). 23 weeks have past! 13 more weeks is our goal. Holy moly, that doesn't sound like a long time! Dr. Riley says we need to make it to 36 weeks, hopefully longer. Things are going great so far. Keep us in your prayers.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Yay! Ultrasound Day!

Monday we had an ultrasound. Oh, how we look forward to these days! I had a snow day (1 of 3 the last couple of weeks), so we were able to take our time and have lunch before we went. The ultrasound went really well. She said that everything she checked looked really good and that they are growing right on schedule. It was exciting to hear that they had both doubled their weight. Last ultrasound they were both around 8 oz. This time, Baby A was 1 lb. 2oz. and Baby B was 1 lb. I was so proud of our little ones for growing. We found out that the babies are not identical and that they each have their own placentas. They are also in their own sacs. Because they don't share sacks or placentas, there is no chance of their umbilical cords getting tangled and little chance of Twin to Twin Transfusion (when one twin is getting more nutrients than the other). All good news!
Baby B was the star of the show this time. He (or she) was moving and turning so much that we could hardly get a good look at Baby A. The first picture is Baby B putting his foot up near his head. What a flexible little thing! The second picture is actually of Baby B sitting on Baby A's head. What a little rascal! I was encouraging Baby A to push back a little bit but he (or she) was content to just lay underneath his sibling. :) We were extremely entertained by our children. We could have just sat and watched for hours. Unfortunately, our doctor has other patients he has to see. :)
I have decided I don't like calling my babies "Baby A" and "Baby B". It seems so impersonal and cold. We haven't thought of what to call them, since we don't know if they are boys or girls but we will soon think of something.
Thank you all for the many prayers. God continues to bless us every single day. Our next ultrasound is March 1st. After that, we will probably start having them every two weeks.