"Children are a gift from the Lord..." Ps. 127:3

Friday, June 29, 2012

Baby Connor is born!...and other important stuff.

On May 29th , 2012, Connor was born! We went to visit him at the hospital. He was so small and cute. He didn't really do anything, but Mommy let us sit with her while she held him. We are glad he's here!

We got a water table for our birthday this year. We love it! Mommy didn't plan ahead so we were outside with her when she put it together and it took her forever. But we waited patiently and were so glad when it was time to play!

Sometimes I wear Mr. Potato Head's glasses

Monday, June 25, 2012

Our First Trip to the Beach

Last week we took a long ride in a really big fancy car with Mommy, Daddy, Grandma, and Papa to Destin, Florida where the beach is. We have seen the ocean on Finding Nemo but we had never been there ourselves. It was amazing!
This is a picture of us just getting there, stretching our legs and finding our room.

This is where our condo was. It was called the Majestic Sun.

In the elevator going up to the 10th floor. I (Caleb) don't like elevators. I held on to Daddy very tightly.

"Going up!"

Our first glimpse of the ocean...hands and faces pressed to the glass. We couldn't believe how big it was!

Exploring our home for the next few days

Mommy was VERY nervous out on the deck. She kept jumping up and holding onto us when we would get close. Daddy kept reminding her that there was no way we could fit through the bars but she was still scared. She got better as the week went on.

Dinner at the coffee table

Breakfast on the deck
Walking on the beach for the first time. We walked very slowly to the water. We weren't sure what to expect.

The waves were big! Mommy thought Caleb would jump right in and Jack would be afraid but we did the opposite of what she thought. Jack liked the water almost right away and Caleb didn't like it until the next day. We like to keep Mommy guessing.

Mommy and Daddy held us at first and let us warm up to the water.

Snack time with Grandma and Papa

Snuggling with Daddy

This is what "llama drama" looks like.

Grandma and Jack

Happy to just play in the sand

On the 2nd day, Caleb decided to get in the water!

Papa, Jack and Caleb

Papa and Grandma

"That's a BIG ONE!"

Caleb and Grandma

Grandma, Jack, Papa, Daddy's Aunt Pat and Cousin David, Daddy, Mommy and Caleb

Mommy went to check on us at nap time but we were too excited to sleep.

The next time she checked on us, I was in Caleb's bed hiding behind the curtains! I figured out how to climb out of my bed. Mommy was not happy.

Dinner at Pompano Joe's on the beach, Mommy and Daddy's favorite place!

A really big shark! He looked like Bruce!

Grandma and Papa bought us four-wheelers just like Daddy's!

This is the "John Deere" that came every morning to put up the chairs and umbrellas. We loved watching them!

Grandma and Papa reading to us before they had to leave. We can't believe we won't see you again until September. We love you and are counting the days until the next time. What a great trip to the beach!